Welcome to Mahindra Advance Driving Skills - M. A. D. S., your guide to a safe and effective driving. This programme has been designed to help you to master the techniques and practices of safe driving, using step-by-step approach that enables the trainee to gain proficiency in automobile driving that is widespread, yet fun to do.

Pained by the colossal loss of human life, man days and money in road accidents, Mahindra’s has come up with an intervention to promote overall road safety from a layman’s perspective.

We, at M. A. D. S., believe that mere mastering of vehicle controls can’t be the end of a training programme - change of attitude, imbibing road safety, respecting other road user’s rights and the true features that make a driving training programme comprehensive.

We believe that skills developed during this training will make you a safe and responsible driver and will help in making Indian roads safer.